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The best possible expertise, technical know-how and secure customer service: with our unique portfolio of machines, software and material we create intelligent, user-friendly solutions for the efficient production, inspection and packaging of pharmaceuticals. We support you in developing and manufacturing products, in maintenance and in optimizing your equipment.

The unique combination of process know-how and advanced technology makes Medipak Systems one of the leading system providers. Our goal is to provide customers with a foundation for added value and success in a demanding market. Our services ensure you can take sure-footed steps in this direction. In the areas of analyses, training, on-site service, retrofitting or qualification support, we help you optimize your production processes. We stand for pharma expertise and work for your greatest benefit! We focus on solutions tailored to your needs.


Service. Comprehensive. Connected.

Medipak Systems Service Portfolio

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Customer Service

Worldwide Expertise

Whether you use the hotline, the Ticket System or Remote Service – you receive the technical support you need for your production equipment or software. The support provided by our customer service is extensive. We immediately answer your complex questions, respond to challenges and this way minimize downtime. Our customer service focuses on safeguarding your production and increasing your efficiency and our experts support you worldwide.

Remote Service

Optimal and Secure Access

Our Remote Service provides you with speedy and reliable support should a fault occur. An online connection can provide pro-active access to your HMIs, control systems, cameras and scanners in machines, which allows us to trouble-shoot in real-time. For operators of production and packaging equipment, this means reduced downtime, since it is often no longer necessary to send out a technician. In addition, software updates are implemented smoothly for you via Remote Service.

Service Agreements

Maintenance versus Downtimes

Through service contracts you can conclude personal agreements with us and strengthen our mutual cooperation even more to meet your requirements. Our broad range of solutions includes: continuous maintenance of production equipment, software system extensions, individual response times and hotline services. Prevention instead of administration: in particular, our service agreements ensure your machines and software work reliably, to avoid downtimes and to enable production processes to run smoothly. All service agreements are flexible; their costs are predictable and transparent.


Personal Training

The Medipak Systems Academy trains your personnel in the use of your machines and software. With the assistance of personal and standardized training modules we help operators, service and maintenance personnel to use equipment and software solutions optimally. In workshops, in-house, on-site or in the classroom – our range of training formats prioritize according to your wishes. Basic, Professional or Advanced – the modules and the know-how level are developed by professional trainers and are custom-made to meet your needs.

Packaging Development

Well Packaged

Even before you purchase a machine, we provide you with an optimal solution for innovative and customized packaging. This service is available for both new and existing pharma products. We make sure that the packaging meets highly diverse requirements such as patient benefit, costs, volumes and safety, as well as the demands of machinability. We are also happy to supply you with sample packs.

Qualification Support

Proven Effectiveness

We have standardized our many years of experience with machinery, equipment and software solutions in Best Practice Templates. With these tools you can always rest assured when validation and qualification of your products is involved. Medipak Systems immediately delivers useful documents such as risk analyses or test strategies. In addition, we support you with data and performance quality within the framework of general GMP guidelines – good manufacturing practice for pharmaceutical products.

Process Optimization / OEE

Strong Performance

Clarity brings success: nowadays no business can neglect the continuous monitoring of its own performance indicators. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) analysis helps you to establish the current output of your plant, determine the causes of downtime and thereby optimize productivity. Using the KPI – Key Performance Indicator – Tool, the performance and production processes of your equipment are displayed graphically and in real time. Our measurements provide you with pointers to success.

Process Consulting

Optimal Processes

You activate processes which aim to produce a specific result. Sometimes, however, these results are not as expected. This is the time to make some changes. Process Consulting means analyzing and improving business processes. Medipak Systems provides solutions precisely to meet this challenge: they may involve the optimization of packaging processes, API biotech, Fill & Finish, Solid Dosage or industry-specific advice on process standardization – we provide you with the necessary technical support, know-how and content.

On-site Service

On the Customer Side

Our on-site service provides support for your production, for days or weeks. You may require monitoring for important batches, rapid assistance in case of services needed or support for process optimization in live operation: an experienced technician or engineer is always by your side with advice. Prolonged machine downtime is avoided and challenges are resolved. Our experts are happy to share their machinery know-how with you and support you to become a specialist too.


A Safe Transition

Globalization, optimization, a move to new premises: there may be various reasons for relocating your machinery. To ensure that your installed systems operate just as reliably as before, we can move them to the new location. Within the production hall, between two sites or internationally – we plan the removal of machines, dismantle the installation and supervise the transport. When the machine reaches your desired destination, it is tested and serviced by our experts to produce efficiently right from the start.

Spare Parts

Convenient Replacement

Often it is the small things which hold everything together. Our spare parts service gives you the possibility of identifying original spare parts and wearing parts, also to have them delivered at fair prices. Behind the spare parts service there is an experienced team who are familiar with production systems and who can assist you quickly and simply – to achieve minimum downtime and trouble-free production – with original parts that were specially made to make your machine run perfectly.

Customer Consulting


To support you in the event of personnel shortages or technical bottlenecks and to promote long-term organic growth, we advise and support you throughout the life cycle of software projects. As part of the team or in the management of the entire project, we help in those cases where your own resources or know-how are not sufficient. For our expert support in the areas of strategy consultation, project management, process and IT analyses, master batches, generation of SOPs, etc. we combine customer information with expert knowledge.


Well Equipped

Technology continues to develop at a breakneck pace. What did not even exist when you purchased your production systems suddenly becomes available after a short time. Our upgrade options help you to improve your existingmachines and apply state-of-the-art technology. For example, we can provide additional functions or features – relating to the productivity of the installation as a whole, its ergonomics, the safety concept or other performance features of the machine. Make sure you are well equipped – with the upgrade service you are always up-to-date.

Format Parts


The market, in constant change, demands new products. To keep up with trends, a high degree of flexibility is essential. Our format service enables us to adapt your machines to new conditions. High quality and reliability – directly from the manufacturer: with custom-made format parts we enable you to extend the production capabilities of your existing installations. For a low financial outlay, you can make the most of existing production lines.

Top Load Service

Short Time-to-Market

Top Loading is cost-effective, but your own Top Load machine may not be. So enjoy the benefits of our Top Load Service. From very small quantities for clinical trial samples or launches to large production runs, we can erect TopLoad packs for you, reliably and cost-effectively, for later filling with the medicine.

From semi-automated to fully automated erection, using two NeoTOP machines by Dividella: we guarantee consistently high quality, customized solutions, cost-effectiveness for the full spectrum of production runs, flexible coverage for production peaks, short-term product launches and enhanced functionalities such as the overlid function or gluing in an additional lid panel.


Back to the Future

Age, wear and tear, faults – at some point machine parts too come to the end of their life cycle. Meanwhile, technical equipment, electronic components and software continue to evolve. This means that some products are no longer manufactured and no longer available. With our obsolescence management system, we inform you fully and in good time about the components which are affected and submit proposed solutions to you. Whether by means of a last-time buy auction or within the framework of conversions – we ensure that your equipment continues to operate as usual in the future.

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