Issue 1/2017 - Editorial

Dear customers,

Digitization, smart machines, robots which are taking over the activities of humans, the intelligent collection and use of data not only in production but also throughout the entire value chain, including the patient: all these things will have a lasting impact on the pharma and biotech industry in the next few years. New possibilities for increasing efficiency and saving time and costs in production are emerging, along with new market opportunities for you.

These themes presuppose two things: networking and communication. And this is precisely our strategy as a group of companies: to provide integrated solutions, to listen to you, our customers, to understand your requirements and to achieve success together as a team. And this is also what the working title of this issue of facts stands for: succeeding together.

You will read how we can already support you in networking with your patients through our Pharma 4.0 concept and "smart" solutions (page 38). Be surprised at how, together, we wish to make the vision of an intelligent pharmaceutical factory a reality (page 36). And experience how experts see the use of collaborative robots and the future of work (page 16).

This issue also gives us an opportunity to invite you to visit us at interpack in Düsseldorf from 04 to 10 May 2017. Convince yourself of the pharma expertise of our companies and take a look at our solutions to current challenges facing the industry: OEE optimization, falling lot sizes, increasing complexity and EU directive 2011/62/EU, which comes into force in 2019 (page 22).

Numerous world firsts await you. The brand new generation of Mediseal blister machines, for example, is setting the standard, in both technical and visual respects (page 28). Seidenader's DE.SY.RE, which enables contactless handling of delicate glass containers without any loss in performance (page 34). Or Werum's vertical integration concept, which creates the preconditions for Pharma 4.0 solutions (page 36).

In addition, you can get to know Fargo Automation. This USA company joined the Medipak Systems team at the beginning of the year. Fargo's products are the basis for integrated line solutions offering optimal efficiency (page 42).

So what could be a better opportunity than interpack to meet us in person and exchange ideas! I look forward to your visit.

Best wishes and greetings,

Clemens Berger
CEO Medipak Systems

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