FULLY COVERING Your production and packaging needs.

MES Solutions

To enable you to assert yourself in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market and to focus on your core business, we provide a complete manufacturing execution system (MES) solution comprising the PAS-X  Software, Content and Services.


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Inspection Solutions

Seidenader provides quality control on highest level for all kinds of pharmaceutical products. The portfolio of machines includes table-top device, semiautomatic machines and state-of-the-art high-performance inspection machines. In addition to  vision based systems, they are also providing new inspection technologies like high-voltage leak detection or head space gas analysis.


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Packaging Solutions

Dividella, Mediseal and Rondo provide a complete range of machines, packaging material and development for liquid and solid pharmaceutical products. The portfolio includes blister, sachet and stickpack machines for primary packaging, side- and topload cartoners for secondary packaging as well as appropriate standard and special folding boxes and packaging engineering.


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Small Lot Solutions

For the conventional packaging process, small lot sizes can mean a massive decline in productivity as measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Because of the rapidly increasing number of format changes, the utilisation of the packaging lines drops and the cost per unit of production rises disproportionately. Fast format changes, Late Stage Customization, digital printing technology, logistic concepts are part of our answer to face this challenges.


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Containment Solutions

Containment is becoming increasingly important, as the legal requirements for packaging solid medicines are becoming ever more stringent. Personnel and production areas must be protected from harmful effects. In addition, when products are changed, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination. Mediseal provides customised solutions to meet every requirement: from controlled ventilation (laminar flow) to the complete isolation of relevant production areas (high containment). Everything is possible.


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KPI/OEE Solutions

For efficient pharmaceutical process a constant monitoring of the lines is essential. A constant monitoring of the all operation data allows manufacturers a KPI based optimization of the production and packaging lines. Smart desicion making with Werums PAS-X KPI.


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Track&Trace Solutions

Serialization and aggregation on pharma packaging lines

Pharmaceutical companies and governments worldwide are promoting serialization to make pharmaceutical products traceable and to reduce today’s market risks. This is why track & trace solutions are being integrated into new and existing packaging lines. Our Track&Trace Solutions allow serialization for the pharmaceutical industry at each aggregation level in the product packaging process.


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