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Blister machines

The consistent modular design of our Mediseal blister machines enables machines to be tailored flexibly to your needs. Even difficult materials can be processed reliably and in accordance with GMP standards. Several hundred machines world-wide testify to this successful approach.

Mediseal blister machines

Sachet and stickpack machines

Mediseal's vertical sachet machines are intended for packaging your high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Mediseal sachet machines


Stickpacks are becoming more and more popular with consumers, because they find them convenient. The product is perfectly portioned and can be taken quickly and simply, even on the go.

Mediseal stickpack machines

Cartoners - Topload and Sideload

Perfectly matched cartoning machines to extend a blister machine, a deep-draw blister machine, a sachet machine or a stickpack machine into a high-performance line. As general-purpose cartoning machines, they handle packaging of vials.

Mediseal cartoner

Dividellas topload and sideload packaging solutions for vials, ampoules, syringes, pens, auto injectors and other parenteral products.

Dividella cartoners

Fargo's top-load cartoners form cartons from flats, loads, closes, labels, and check-weighs cartons in a fully integrated, servo driven system.

Fargo cartoners

Packaging equipment from Fargo

For over 20 years, Fargo Automation has provided innovative, automated equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Fargo prides itself with their flexible solutions, creative designs, and responsive customer service. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and reliability, Fargo's equipment exceeds customer's expectations.

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High-quality folding boxes

Dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry Rondo offers high-quality folding boxes for special and standard applications. Its expertise includes development and design combine functionality and marketing aspects. GMP-compliant production of folding boxes ensures high quality and economic efficiency. And intelligent supply chain management ensures that processes run smoothly.

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IT Solutions: One standard system for EBR, OEE and Track & Trace

Performance, compliance and serialization are key in today's packaging operations. To meet this challenges Werum's All-in-One PAS-X packaging solution offers a combination of software, content and services relevant for packaging out of the box.

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