Structural changes in pharmaceutical packaging.

  • The decline of the higher volume Block-Buster
  • The advance of lower volume Biotech products
  • Increasing requirements for market specific packaging(eg EU,SEAsia)
  • Increasingly specific dosage regimes: Niche‐Busters
  • Global consolidation by Big Pharma: Internal Supply Chains

The trend towards smaller lot sizes of packaged products is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Lots of 20,000 or fewer are becoming the norm and lots of under 100 are increasingly common. The logical end point of lots of single packaging is now conceivable. For the conventional packaging process however, small lot sizes can mean a massive decline in productivity as measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  But there are a number of variables you can act on to combat declining productivity due to shrinking lot sizes. 

Line Level - the basis for high OEE

  • modular machine design
  • fast format changing with a minimum of tooling
  • simple adjustmen for short change-over times
  • expandable line design for product flexibility
  • high reliablity and low maintanance costs
  • optimized packaging material and design
Efficiency and Flexibility

Site Level - Smart processes

  • Order and inventory management
  • Near by supply
  • Line and data management
  • Late stage customization, LSC® by Mediseal: smart combining of small batches
  • Digital printing technology

Corporate Level - Supply Chain Solutions

  • Electronic workflows and data management
  • Supply chain management
  • Intelligent packaging design
  • Print on demand on or near line


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Clinical trial and samples

Market research, clinical trials or market launches require fast and flexible production of new packaging. We develop the optimal packaging solution for you – from solids to sterile products - and also produce it. Quick and cost effective.

Your benefits:

  • Small quantities with high cost-effectiveness
  • GMP compliant and tested on our packaging m
  • Short time-to-market for the fast realisation of clinical studies and market launches